Posted by : Lovable Me Kamis, 14 November 2013

My little one stays at home today,

last night he was not having a really good sleep.
So I decided to keep him at home.

And because..
I made a promise that we can do painting today,
so here we go…

Actually, painting is one of his favourite,
but I realised that he is a bit impatience during last few days,
he just want to finish the picture, without trying to feel it.

So today, one of my intention is to find out "why?"
Then, on his first painting he drew a fine tree and mixed some colours (which is good)
but then, the second and the third were a bit screwed up.
and the pep-talk began,

"what's happened Fawwaz?"
"I don't know mommy, i just don't know what I am going to draw"

so that is the problem, he just want to paint without knowing exactly what is he going to draw.
so I asked him to be focus, and started to paint within my instructions.
I told him some tricks to make a simple drawing but in a logic manner.
Not just making a picture.
Those include how to make a tiny line, creating a silhouette, and find some textures for creating a nice nature-landscape painting.

I moved his fingers, trying to tell him how to shape different contours and colours of foliages.
and of course, he always testing on my knowledge on a particular subject, "how do you know that mommy?" is a compulsory question he always delivers to make sure he just taught by an expert. LOL
At the end ….
It is a great simple tree painting produced by a 6-year old boy.


Fawwaz first painting today, he put some details on the leaves of the tree,  in a natural choice of mixed colour , :)

Drawing a tree using some of mommy's tips and tricks.
zoomed contour he produced on his drawing, not bad, taking into account he is just a beginner.
Excellent job Son,
next, we will explore more simple drawing technique to communicate your feelings..

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